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The Holistic approach of Unani system of Medicines

The present day lifestyle has increased human agony manifold over a period of time. In addition, the modern medical system has been found wanting specially when it comes to ‘cure’ for various ailments.


On the contrary, herbal or more precisely Unani and Ayurvedic systems provide safe and balanced treatment for human ailments because of its harmonious nature with human body. Unani medicines convincingly take an all round care of the patient. This fact has gained acceptance across the globe more so in the Western society. The prime reason for this increased interest has been the innate problem of ‘side effects’ in  modern treatment. Lately, it has turned into a syndrome as there are sizeable number of patients who suffer from side effects of modern medicines and the percentage is increasing by day.


A note from the M D
Dehlvi Remedies ®: the formidable Unani Brand

It’s no point in blowing the own trumpet from the rooftop. But surely just for putting things in perspective, it is imperative to talk about the genuine efforts and endeavour that goes into formulating most potent remedies in terms of not only Habbs, Khamiras, Lauqs and Sharbats  under the brand name. Dehlvi Remedies that are proven from Read More

Research & Development
Nature is our Laboratory

Dehlvi Remedies ® is a GMP certified, distinct and reliable option because it has taken a ‘no compromising’ stand on Quality and Technical Excellence, right from the beginning. The distinction it enjoys because it has the added advantage of renowned Hakims and Vaids who relentlessly try for better preparations and improved efficacy of all the formulations.  Read More

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  • “What I like the most about Dehlvi Remedies® is their uncompromising nature when it comes to Quality control. Sana Herbals Pvt. Ltd. who own Dehlvi Remedies® brand keeps improving untiringly. I wish them a grand success.”

    Vaid Imran Khan
  • “I have been practicing for over a half century now and by the grace of Allah have been able to provide solace and treatment to my patients. Earlier I was relying on my own preparations but that is history. The day I began prescribing Dehlvi Remedies® brand which have been prepared by Sana Herbals Pvt. Ltd. with utmost care and are pure in form and complete in quality and quantity. I wish them all the best for their future forays in the Unani Medicine.”

    PROF.Hakeem Anwar Ahmad
  • “No doubt my patients rely on me, but I rely on Dehlvi Remedies®, a name synonymous with purity and Quality. Sana Herbals Pvt. Ltd. in all its earnestness doing a great job. I wish them all the success and Good Luck”.

    Hakeem Ajmal Khan

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